Modern Tennis Methodology, a coaching program as unique as you and which you can easily learn!

Oscar Wegner

Oscar coached several top pros with his revolutionary techniques, including Bjorn Borg for his second comeback (where, at 35, he joined Jimmy Connors in a successful over 35 senior world tour), and some other in their younger years, like Guga Kuerten (later on 3 times French Open winner and #1 in the world in 2000), Vincent Spadea (who became top 20 in the world, beating Andre Agassi 5 times over the years), Spain National Jr. team in the 70s, and more. Many coaches learned his techniques through Oscar's books and videos and ESPN International tips, influencing decisively Eastern Europe, Latin America, especially Argentina, Oscar's country of birth, and then the Far East, including China. A big number of coaches applied his teachings to young, developing players, some of the most outstanding players today. Oscar's legacy has taken hold!

The USA has fewer coaches testing Oscar's finds, most prominently Richard Williams, who learned Oscar's techniques in the early 90s and taught them to Venus (then 11), and Serena Williams (then 9 years old), making them both world champions, with Serena becoming the best woman tennis player ever.

Further, every person is an individual with unique abilities and needs, and Oscar exemplifies that in his own one-on-one coaching, designed to focus on the total player. He simplifies the process, making the player feel comfortable, confident and natural as an athlete.

Now based in Clearwater, Florida, Oscar addresses how the player performs physically as well as instinctively, Oscar’s Elite Training Program offers an unparalleled perspective on tennis instruction, maximizing the student’s innate potential.

Oscar expertise is unrivaled in the tennis industry, cultivating the player’s mastery of technique together with the ability to focus and gain a deeper understanding of how the athlete/person operates in tennis and in life.

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